Monthly Retainer

Hire your own in-house design team

Over the years we have forged effective and efficient working relationships with a number of companies. Impressed with the quality of the work we produce and the quick turnaround, many of our clients have kept coming back for more and now keep us on a month retainer.

Retainers offer a more cost effective solution for them and they know they can trust us to deliver visuals that are totally on-brand without the hassle of a different invoice per month for various projects.

They receive one invoice with the same amount per month along with a spreadsheet of the projects we have worked on for them.


“It’s always a great pleasure to work with Lisa, she is fun and very understanding of our design needs. Lisa’s creativity never ceases to amaze me, all of her fresh and inspiring ideas. Communication is very effective and I love the extra promotions that Lisa does for our company via her social media. We have a great season of exiting development for our business and I am so looking forward to working with Lisa on our marketing campaign, through her fabulous creativity.”

Sharon Alexander, Rosy Apple Childcare

“Lisa really puts the Gem in Geminus. She always listens carefully to my ideas, business needs and brand aspirations, offering design solutions that are both practical and creative. Lisa has never let me down; I know I can rely on her to deliver a high standard of work, on time, every time.”

Kirsty Henshaw, Kirstys